At ViewVo, we believe you should do work you enjoy, which makes you feel alive and where you are contributing and making a difference.  We believe you want this too – but we rarely come across people who have complete clarity and focus on what they want to achieve.  We all hear you need experience to get a good idea of a role – but up until now, it’s not been that easy to get that vital experience.

ViewVo is a web platform that enables people to experience different careers through job shadowing a vetted mentor.  Our job shadowing opportunities help you make a lifestyle and career change.  All of our mentors are credible,  professional and successful.  They want to share their knowledge and insights that only come from experience.

We hope this will enable you to take control and discover your dream role.

Find out more, and contact a range of mentors across a variety of sectors, at http://www.viewvo.com