Looking for a return to work or information on how to set up a business?

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The reality is you are hot property!
On January 25th we’re running an event to help you back to work and so far, every employer we’ve spoken to has said how they all want a slice of the mum returning to work action.

The mood and sentiment certainly seem different to when I was a new mum nearly 14 years ago now.   Three years ago, the first women returner schemes were introduced (Morgan Stanley, Deutsche and Credit Suisse).  Now there are 49!  When they started, returnships were focused more on those with ‘previous’ work experience, but slowly the focus appears to be shifting with the recognition that not everyone has previous experience in that industry – and even if they did, plenty of us want a change anyway! We’re all living longer than one career can sustain us for.  The job for life is dead and with good riddance!  For all those who didn’t love or feel their previous jobs really gave them the opportunity to shine, there is now far more chance we’ll find that moment in our second, third, 4th or even 5th careers.

Whilst personality is fixed throughout your life, motivations do change.  What once motivated us in our 20’s is unlikely to be what motivates in our 30’s/40’s with a young family.  Whilst returnships offer one route back to the corporate world, for many the corporate world holds less appeal.  Having grown accustomed to new lifestyles, many women prefer the idea of starting a business.  The beauty of being your own boss is not only the autonomy and flexibility, but the challenge, stimulation and pride which can be experienced.

On January 25th, I’m helping the Really Helpful Club run their highly successful ‘Back to Business’ event.  Two years ago it started with around 90 women attending and last year tickets were sold to over 110.

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We have St James’ Place as our headline speaker as they are keen to recruit wealth managers from this pool of people attending.  They understand not everyone has a background in finance, so they are investing in a two year training programme to provide the skills needed to become a wealth manager.

We then have Alison Cork who has presented a number of BBC programmes and who is incredibly supportive of women going back to work.  In addition to her celebrity lifestyle, she runs her own successful furniture and interiors business. She’s a pleasure to speak to and learn from – for anyone interested in interiors, the home, design or presenting, she’ll be able to give useful guidance.

We invited Dominie Moss because as someone who recruits women for specific jobs, for a range of financial services employers, she knows all about the various returnship schemes, but most importantly knows first hand the market, what the demands are and how to position yourself.  She prides herself on the fact a women with a career break for 10 years may not get through search algorithms but they’ll get through her.  Employers who work with Dominie trust her insight and take chances on women they’d have traditionally not considered.  She’s blazing a trail for all of us!

Alongside Dominie we’ll have another returnship programme.  We’ve invited several but think Santander are the most keen at the moment – you’ll have to watch this space!

Gemma Mossakowska did go back down the returnship route following this seminar last year!  She’s back to share her insights and feelings about how this has been for her.

For those starting their own business, Martha Swift, started the Primrose Bakery from her kitchen table.  She’s built up her business to the point of having three beautiful stores.  She’s published 5 cookbooks.  She’ll be sharing her journey and what lessons have been most useful to her.

Addie Pinkster used to run hedge fund strategy at Citi.  She’s setup the Adelpha network – a group of investors investing in women founded businesses.  She’s bringing three of her female founders in whom her network have invested to share insights into how they got started, scaled and got investment.  For any of you with fledgling ideas or more established businesses looking to scale, this group of 4 impressive women are a gift to spend time with.

I’m Lucy Standing and I’m a psychologist who specialises in helping people back to work through providing opportunities to shadow experts in different jobs.  The evidence shows we make better decisions when we experience things – so I’ll share the psychology of this and how we make mistakes with our choices without the right data.  My job is to get you to a place where you’re armed with the best advice and guidance on what next steps to take.

We all loathe days where a bunch of people talk at you!  We’re working hard to make the first part of the day informative but then depending on what camp you fall into, you’ll have the choice to spend the rest of the day tailoring what you want to learn to your own needs.  We’re having a series of round table workshops.  Imagine a room with 10 groups of chairs in round circles.  Each circle will have an expert sharing insights into a range of different topics:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media advice
  • Career coaching
  • Web design
  • IT support
  • Google SEO
  • Raising funds and investment
  • Legal advice and guidance on how to set up

You’ll have time to attend up to three mini workshops so you can tailor make the day around you.  In addition will be exhibitors providing a range of services to support you – so again, it’s an incredible chance to speak to the likes of accountants and legal experts amongst others.

The real benefit of the day is the chance to meet a range of like minded women in the same boat. We’ve taken a huge amount of the pain out of the process by curating and inviting people we’ve either seen speak or who have fantastic reputations.  Many industries are unregulated (e.g social media, web development, life coaching) so we’ve carefully invited people to speak/present who have received great feedback from clients and people in the really helpful club and our broader network.

I look forward to meeting you there – tickets are priced at £49 (if you book by 15th December) and at £56 from the 16th December onwards.

We’re holding this event at The University of Roehampton, London.  Close to the A3, it’s ideal for anyone in SW London/Surrey.

If you’d like to attend you can book tickets here


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