Meet the ‘Nicest Man in Britain’ – who’s also a ViewVo mentor!

Luke Cameron undertook a year of good deeds – everyday he did a good deed or a random act of kindness for a stranger which led to him being titled the ‘nicest man in Britain’.

Luke blog pic

He believes that fundamentally you can do something for somebody without expecting anything in return. You should live your day not surrounded in your own bubble, but being aware of what’s going on around you and how you can help out. ‘Pay It Forward’ – remember when someone helped you; now it’s your turn!

Following his year of good deeds, Luke was sponsored to help a different charity every week for a year. Subsequently ‘Nicest Jobs’ was born – his organisation helps people get these kinds of jobs in charities by enabling them to make informed decisions about what it’s really like working for these organisations.

Over the past 3 years, Luke has grown his brand to international recognition through the power of social media, working with hundreds of brands and charities across the UK to create inspiring and engaging content. As a ViewVo mentor, he would love to share his knowledge and insight with you – whilst donating his fee to charity. You can view his mentor profile and connect with him  here

Watch the short video below to hear Luke talk more about Nicest Jobs and what it does, his own experiences and how easy it can be to start fundraising*:

  1. Become a ViewVo mentor
  2. Share your knowledge and expertise and help someone make a positive difference to their own life.
  3. Donate your mentor fee to your favourite chosen charity.

(*no marathon running or mount Kilimanjaro climbing involved!)



ViewVo is trying to encourage more people to sign up as mentors who will donate their fee to charity.

See below for Luke’s advice to people who are thinking about becoming mentors:

‘I think it’s such a clever idea, if you’re going to become a mentor you’re clearly successful in your industry and in own right, so you’re wanting to pass that knowledge onto someone else. So instead of making a quick buck, why don’t you donate the money to charity because you’re going to be helping 2 people: someone who wants to make a positive difference changing their own life, and also someone that genuinely needs help and support by giving that money to a charity – and I guess if you’re successful in your right you don’t necessarily need every fee!

So pick a charity and do it as a good way of fundraising. Actually, it could be a really good fundraising option for charities to sign up and use ViewVo! I think it’s fab idea being able to donate to charity, I’ll always donate my fee and I think it’s a great opportunity to fundraise.

Actually, there are so many people that want to fundraise but they don’t know how to – they think, ‘oh, I really don’t want to run a marathon or run 10K or climb Mount Kilimanjaro’, when actually this is a really small, easy way of fundraising for a charity that’s close to your heart, but not putting in so much effort that you think, ‘oh, I really don’t know where to start’. So this is a really good start to fundraising!’


Discover more about ViewVo and becoming a mentor here

If you’d like to discuss becoming a mentor, donating your fee to your chosen charity, fundraising through ViewVo, or have any queries please contact

Connect with Luke and view his ViewVo mentor profile here

For more information on Nicest Jobs and the work they do, click here

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