ViewVo – A Unique Approach to Changing Career by Deborah Joslin

Viewvo blog post


The world of work is changing. There is no longer a ‘job for life’ and most of us will change career three to five times in a lifetime. Additionally, advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence means it’s difficult to say if your job will even exist in ten years’ time. Yet it is still surprisingly challenging to actually change career.


If you’ve ever wondered about changing your own career path, or perhaps you’ve taken a career break to raise a family and want to return to work in a different role, you’ll be aware of these challenges. The numerous barriers include lack of information (60% of people in the UK want to change career but feel held back by a lack of knowledge), financial uncertainty, lack of job security and fear of the unknown.


Until now there was no easy way to overcome these obstacles, except maybe an ‘in’ from a friend or family member. ViewVo, a new London based start-up, can help you get that information and insight by providing exclusive job shadowing opportunities. ViewVo is the only website that enables you to browse through an ever-growing list of mentors in industries ranging from fashion designer to equestrian centre owner to antiques dealer, and arrange a private and bespoke day with them. Whatever your dream career, ViewVo can provide you with the opportunity to meet and talk with someone in that field as they share with you exactly what it takes to make it in their world.


There are a range of courses, qualifications and even career counsellors that advertise themselves as the best way of changing career paths, but the reality is that these are usually expensive, impersonal and most importantly, don’t have the capability to show you the truth about what jobs are really like. Importantly ViewVo mentors will also be able to share valuable information about likely income and the costs of running the business; as highlighted by a ViewVo mentee ‘…if you ask a friend, the problem is often they don’t want to tell you how much they make and you don’t feel comfortable asking – so being able to go through real costs of running a real business was more insightful than anything I could get from reading a book or asking a friend’. All of ViewVo’s mentors are successful, credible and experienced and want to give something back; an insight into their world.


ViewVo is already helping change lives. If there’s a job out there you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t know how, take a look at our website and kick-start your new career.


Deborah Joslin is co-founder of ViewVo




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