Becoming a Social Media Consultant – a Job Shadowing Success Story!

1 month on from Anna’s shadowing opportunity with Sheryl, she’s setting up her website and has already met her first potential client. Congratulations Anna 🙂


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Anna’s Story

Anna’s a new mum who wanted to learn how to become a social media consultant. To fit around her two little ones she arranged a Skype call with ViewVo mentor Sheryl Jefferson, a digital marketing strategist.  This is her story:

‘The call was fantastic! Sheryl is so awesome and her energy is just infectious. Using Skype worked really well as I’m a mum of two, so we were able to have a break for baby feeding/lunch in the middle. I learnt so much – I have 6 A4 sides of notes and loads of action points to take away.

Sheryl shared so much knowledge and I’m definitely reassured that I can go and do this! I can’t wait to start my business.’


Sheryl’s Story

‘I absolutely loved it! It was so rewarding and really good for me to put aside some time and think about what does really work and what doesn’t. To then talk someone else through it all really made me think about what I do, how I do it and my achievements. I planned out what I wanted to talk Anna through, and we went through step by step how to start and build things up.

Skype worked brilliantly and I would recommend other mentors considering the option of using it as it opens up more opportunities for people to talk to them. It worked really well for us as geographically we’re quite far apart and both have young children.

Anna was lovely and really keen to learn. I hope I have been able to guide her in her future career path and wish her every success! I absolutely loved being a mentor.’


Sheryl Jefferson is a Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of Light Tree Media

View Sheryl’s mentor profile and connect with her here

(And don’t forget to check out Sheryl’s mentor guest post!)

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