So what’s Job Shadowing really like?!

Find out what happened when Mary met Susannah…

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Mary’s Story

Mary’s an accountant who’s always had a dream to start her own business making leather goods. She had lots of ideas but wasn’t sure how to take the next step. Susannah Hunter is a luxury handbag designer. Mary found Susannah’s mentor profile on ViewVo and met with her for a day’s job shadowing – she gained invaluable insight and guidance, and Susannah even opened up her contacts book!

“I’m an accountant by profession. I’ve been making things all my life and I’ve got to the stage now where I didn’t want to do accountancy anymore as it wasn’t really fulfilling me. I really wanted to set up a business for myself where I could make things and have something tangible that I could see at the end of the day.
I’ve found the day with Susannah absolutely brilliant. I came along with ideas about what a leather goods business might be like but just talking to Susannah helped confirm what I thought. She’s been really generous to me in opening up her contacts book so that I know who to go to now for leather suppliers and materials, and she’s given me really good insight into how the mechanics of the business work.

I’d really recommend job shadowing because it does you a very good insight into a business and what it’s really like – the nuts and the bolts of it, the pitfalls, and the highs and the lows. It’s been brilliant.”


Mentor View

Susannah was the mentor who met with Mary – this is her story:

“I’m a handbag designer based in Bloomsbury in London. I wanted to become a mentor because I’ve done a lot of teaching, both at colleges and in my own workshop, and I’ve mentored quite a lot of staff that have worked for me over the years and I’ve enjoyed it as I like helping people.
I’ve really enjoyed the day with Mary. It’s a good chance to also think about what you’re doing yourself when you have a day to advise someone else on what they’re thinking about. You can think about all you’ve achieved. I hope I’ve been helpful I think she enjoyed it and I’ve really enjoyed hearing about her plans.

I’d recommend being a mentor, especially if everyone’s as nice as Mary! She had some really good ideas for what she wanted to do that I was able to help her with and offer my advice based on my experience and what I’ve learnt over the years.”

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