Being a Mentor – guest post by Sheryl Jefferson

blog social mediaIt was an absolute honour to be approached and asked to be a mentor. When Lucy asked if I would be interested in the opportunity I did not hesitate in saying yes. I was already brought into the vision and ethos of ViewVo and wish there was something like this available when I started my business. There was no clear place that I could go and get 1:1 mentorship which would have been so beneficial as I had so many questions and had to learn a few hard lessons through trial, error and resilience! Any opportunity I can take to ‘pay it forward’ to help someone who was where I was when I started out is something that I support wholeheartedly.

Mentoring is a key stage for anyone deciding to review their career choices; they might want a change in career or even start up a business. And the best thing; mentoring is fit for everyone! No matter what field you are in, there is always someone who has walked that path before.

In a fairly new field as mine, which did not exist 10 years ago, trends change so quickly! What was hot 6 months ago can be redundant today. On the flip side you need to always be one step ahead as this is what makes you stand out and be valuable in the eyes of your next client. Social media management is one of the fastest growing and newest career paths with so much opportunity; you can work from anywhere and the income has no limits!

With so much information available from so many different sources, it’s easy to get stuck in overwhelm and get paralysed by confusion which can delay decisions. To have someone in the field who has successfully walked the path that you want to journey on can give you that 1:1 attention, give you their honest insight and can answer all questions you may have and be able to give feedback and help build your confidence to get started on your own journey.

If I were starting again finding a mentor would be the first thing I would invest in. Having someone in your corner having a look over your shoulder makes things a lot clearer! It’s one of the quickest ways to get to my desired goals as it helps keep you laser focused and be able to quickly map out which goals you need to make in order to have the career of your dreams.

Sheryl Jefferson is a Digital Marketing Strategist:

Check out Sheryl’s ViewVo mentor profile and connect with her here

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